Monday, September 8, 2008

Tomato Tree - Day 98

The tomatoes knew it was happening before anyone else did. In unison, all the plants started to yellow. The ripening of the fruit slowed to a crawl. Leaves started dropping on their own. Fall is coming.

"Fall" is a word I've tried to avoid around the tomato tree.

We've had a few truly cool nights, a couple down into the low 40's and once even to 39 degrees. My tomatoes have taken on a duller sheen. Maybe it's the dew in the mornings, maybe it's the drop in sunlight, but the plants have started their death rattle.

The large potted plant is down to 2 pieces of fruit. The tree has about a dozen tomatoes left to ripen. But, as Ceres predicted, the fruit on the tree in substantially smaller than the fruit from the large pot.

Sigh. The dying of light.

No calamities this week. Though it's obvious that we're down to one or two more entries in the Tomato Tree Chronicles.

So it's time to break out the light sweaters and start preparing for hibernation. I have a few grilling recipes left, but very soon I'll be slipping into full autumn cooking. Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

As an avid and faithful reader whose favorite season is autumn, I can't wait for your fall cooking blog entries. See ya lata, tomatas ...

By the way, what's Wine Wizard Bob's recommendation for a fall-ish wine to sip while ripping up yellowing tomato plants?