Sunday, June 15, 2008

So Long Tastespotting, Hello Foodgawker.

Some of you found CrabbyCook through the wonderful food site, Last Friday the 13th the site abruptly shut down citing ongoing legal issues. This move left a void amongst foodies who had come to know and love Tastespotting, not only for the visibility it gave individual bloggers, but also for the great recipes and photos we'd come to enjoy.

Food boards have been furiously dissecting the demise and bemoaning the loss. A few tech types have tried to step in, as of this moment the closest recreation is The layout and approach are virtually identical to Tastespotting. The site is going through some birthing pains, but I'd urge you all to support this effort.

Hopefully Tastespotting will be able to resolve whatever legal issues shut it down. Until then consider visiting for additional cooking inspiration.

I'll be posting in the next few days.

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